Monday, December 17, 2007

First light for Bright Stars Wildomar

"First light" is a term amateur and professional astronomers use to describe the first use of an astronomical instrument, meaning the first time light from space will be collected by it.

I'm starting this blog to create a forum for promoting awareness of lighting policies and practices, and specifically, how lighting design will help the community of Wildomar to continue to enjoy the fairly dark skies we have. I hope such efforts will assist the greater community in taking an interest in preserving the night sky, both for our own enjoyment and to enable nearby Palomar Observatory to continue research in optical wavelengths.

And last, since I did not make up the term "bright stars" -- it was suggested by other community members who like dark skies but don't want to give the erroneous impression that we oppose the reasonable use of night lighting -- I will also use this to post other items that of relevance to our community and make it special.

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