Thursday, February 26, 2009

I caught two photos of Comet Lulin as it swung by Earth on the night of Feb 24 and morning of Feb 25. The two photos were 6 hours apart and I placed them on a wide-field photo I took the morning of Feb 25. (Click the photo above for a full-sized view.)

The 2/24 image was compromised by both light pollution and haze. Six hours later, the haze was still there though Lulin was above it, but more important, there was less ambient light at 3:30 AM.

Though the contrast between the two photos reflects weather conditions and height above the horizon, it also illustrates what we would have if our community fails to restrain the unnecessary upward pointing light. Contrast is everything to such an image and it is the first thing that is lost when too much light is shining upward.

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