Saturday, April 10, 2010


This isn't an abstract painting or Photoshop treatment; it's the blurred image of a swallowtail butterfly that wouldn't land. I can see why people used nets and toxins to capture these subjects. Nowadays, digital images are cheap and I could keep at it till I got a couple lucky shots:

My other subjects kindly landed long enough for me to get their pictures:

(These are all the same species; the blue is visible only when the wings are open)

(a moth?)

I regret I don't know the common or scientific names for these creatures, but posting these where I'll find them again is the first step. I'll add the names as I learn them.

I believe that this one, from two weeks earlier, is the Quino Checkerspot, a species that invites developers who find it on their real estate to partake in humanity's effort to protect the biological diversity of our planet. --a way of saying they are listed as endangered.

I'll verify the species type when I can.


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