Saturday, May 22, 2010

Exoplanets, an astronomy presentation

My first presentable draft of a presentation on exoplanets is on my website here. I will be presenting this in a lecture format to my astronomy club in June. After that, I may be presenting it at the Julian Starfest planned for August 7/8, 2010.

I'm using Flash media to create a Powerpoint-type of slide show, but the Flash format allows me to mix in interactive animation and eventually replace the jpg-image based illustrations with animated ones. I find that by not dealing with the page formatting hassles on Powerpoint, I can create my presentations more quickly, and then I'm left with a format that can be copied to the Web.

This presentation began with some help I received from Bob Grumbine's blog on understanding brightness temperatures and EM wavelengths. This made me a little more alert to the underlying concepts to what I was reading Nature about the detection of exoplanets and then the analysis of their atmospheres and temperatures.

As with all my projects, this is an ongoing learning process for me. I'll be embellishing (and correcting) my material, but as is, I think have a good introduction for the lay person. My online presentation lacks my narrative, and there are a couple interactive illustrations that need directions. I'll work on adding this when I can. I should also add the caveat that page loading is a little slow. I'll down-grade the image quality for faster loading when I can get to that and ensure that I don't mess up my source files.

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