Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another reason to study climate science

I consider myself an informal student of climatology, and as such, I've been learning what I can about the topic through science journals, scientists' blogs, and books. Though this self-guided method provides a window into the scientific concensus, it also leaves gaps. Stephen Schneider's work was one of my gaps.

I learned today that Stephen Schneider has passed away. He was probably the greatest climate scientist whose name I didn't know, that is, till I read his book Science as a Contact Sport. "So this was the guy who...." was my reaction throughout his book; I had heard of his contribution but not his name, and now I'm enjoying the pleasure of associating his name with his acheivments.

I will continue to study climatology the hope of further understanding his contributions.



Philip H. said...

Good on ya! That's on eo fthe many books on my reserve list at the local library.

jg said...

It is a very good book. I'll never forget his conflict over modeling nuclear winter scenarios, in which his work showed that a nuclear winter could be avoided if the war were fought in July and his reaction something like "my God! I told them when to launch".

I probably shouldn't commit myself with all I have going, but if time allows I should write the local papers and mention that now would be a good time for anyone who echoed the "they predicted an iceage in the 70s" meme to apologize.