Friday, September 30, 2011

My long lost clouds and weather photos

Since about 2008 I've been sending photos I've taken of clouds and weather to a local weather website called Weathercurrents. These photos appear for a week or more before being replaced by new ones. Due to my haphazard organizational skills, I figured most of my photos were lost to the ether. Recently, Weathercurrents added a page of all the photos they've received. It was pleasant to rediscover many photos that I have forgotten.

The photos from me and other contributors are here:



Anonymous said...

This is random but do you know if anyone reported seeing a long string of lights in the sky over Wildomar area tonight? We we're coming home from Temecula around 8pm and at 1st thought it was night skydiving but it wasn't these lights looked as bright as stars in a long string I don't know how else to describe it, they constantly changed shapes from long, to stretched out, to a ball, to all kinds of random formations. The lights we're long an alot, I don't know how to describe the length and how they moved. The length was at least a mile long easily but formed into random shapes, went high in th esky moved low, moved left, right. Nothing like a I had ever seen. And it moved so gracefully ugh it was amazing whatever it was. My name is Megan and I hope to see a response since i couldn't locate an email for you.

jg said...

Hi Megan,
What a strange observation! The motions you saw remind me of the movements of birds but I have no explanation since they were lights.
Last night's sky was quite beautiful. I took many photos of irredescent clouds and crepuscular rays, but I missed the mystery flock of lights.