Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Riverside County Light Trespass Ordinance 915, a boon for property rights

For people who may be searching the web in regard to the Riverside Board of Supervisors introduction of ordinance 915 regulating light pollution (or more accurately light trespass), here are a few stories and the text of the ordinance. I will be commenting on this in the next couple weeks.

Ordinance 915

Californian: 26 Oct 2011

Press Enterprise: 26 Oct 2011

Valley News: 26 Oct 2011

ABC news

Lake Elsinore-Wildomar Patch: "county-cracks-down-on-shining-too-brightly"



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Tom O'Key said...

Bravo! Night is supposed to be dark and lights are supposed to be helpful not debilitating. It is zealous and overbearing to just keep lights on because they seem to be necessary. It's like keeping the refrigerator light on when the door is closed. What good does that do? The food does not care.... RIP stupid, wasteful lighting. TMO Joshua Tree CA