Thursday, March 15, 2012

LED signs in Wildomar under consideration

The Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch reports that the Wildomar City Council is considering the request by two organizations to use LED signs on their premises:
I have no objection to light being used for safety, security, and decoration, but if it's nature is to harass, boldly miss the target, or distract motorists, then its convenience to the owner is not worth the public nuisance, energy waste, and light pollution.

The organizations requesting these lights are the Elks Lodge and Cal Lutheran High School. Both should claim to be community-oriented, so I would ask why they want to deploy technology that can distract motorists, especially in front of a school. Both organizations are also in violation of Wildomar's existing lighting ordinance. Cal Lutheran's area lighting should be low pressure sodium and their floodlight illuminating their emblem should be downward pointing. I discussed these with their principal years ago.

The Elks Lodge installed white wall mounted lights and white parking lot lights that are in violation of Wildomar's ordinance 8.80, making this a recent violation. Members the Lakeland Village/Wildomar Revevelopment Project Area Committee (RDA) asked them to comply with Wildomar's lighting ordinance. The RDA was involved because the Elks Lodge is a recipient of an RDA grant, and the request came specifically from a member whose community organization is a next door neighbor to the Elks Lodge.


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