Monday, June 25, 2012

Earth, Orbit, and Climate Presentation and Lunar Observing, Thurs., June 28

This Thursday, the Temecula Valley Astronomers will provide an indoor presentation followed by some lunar and planetary observing at the Temecula Library. The indoor presentation begins at 6:30 and observing of the moon can begin at approximately 7:45. By 8:15, Saturn will be visible in telescopes. Observing will end before 9:00 pm when the library closes.

I will present "Earth, Orbit, and Climate." My presentation is a illustrated look how the science of astronomy contributes to our understanding of climate change. I cover the Sun, the greenhouse effect, climate sensitivity, paleoclimate data, and Earth's changing orbit. Below is a sample from the section describing the greenhouse effect.

I have given this talk to middle school students, so I hope the illustrated nature and my simplifying of concepts, makes this presentation suitable for a broad range of learners. Some graphs and technical explanations are necessary, but most will have the simplicity of the above illustration.

After the presentation, the Temecula Valley Astronomers will have a few telescopes set up for some observing of the moon and Saturn until the library closes.

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