Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Public Astronomy Events for January 2014

The next general meeting of the Temecula Valley Astronomers is Monday, January 6. The new location of our meetings is now at the Temecula Public Library at 30600 Pauba Road. Our meetings are now starting at 7:00 pm.

I will present my show on the Nice model of the solar system, entitled 4.6 Billion and Counting.

We will also have a presentation by TVA Vice President, Tim Deardoff, on what's up in the sky for January. Tim has been doing an excellent job of maintaining the Facebook page of the Temecula Valley Astronomers. You need not be a member to "like" us on Facebook; however, becoming a member does support our outreach.

I would also like to extend a thanks to the Rancho Water District for providing a low-cost meeting room for the past 20 or more years since the founding of the Temecula Valley Astronomers. I recently counted 43 unique schools or youth organizations that we've provided star parties for in the past 5 years (which is how far back my maps to events go). Considering my collection of maps as a fraction of the total locations we've attended, and that many of our locations are repeat events, the Rancho Water District's low cost meeting room has helped subsidize the experiences we've provided for schools and youth groups for 20 years.

The following night, 7 January 2014, we're having a public star party at the Murrieta Public Library. A map is provided below. The event is free and open to the general public. Typically, it draws a lot of families with young children, so the indoor show at 6:00 pm is oriented to a young and general audience. Observing will follow the 1/2 hour show till about 8:00pm.


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