Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Explore the Stars 2014

Wide field image of the Milky Way, June 2013, Explore the Stars

Every summer, the Forest Service sponsors a monthly star party at Palomar Observatory Campground. Amateur astronomers from throughout the region set up their telescopes for campers and others who drive up for the evening. Friday night is informal. Saturday night is the official star party and is preceded by a presentation in the camp's amphitheater. Presentations begin shortly after sunset, and may be cancelled during the earlier dates if the mosquitoes are a nuisance. Note that this affects only the presentation. If there are mosquitoes, they are usually done feasting later in the evening when when peak observing begins.

These are the 2014 Explore the Stars dates:
  • April 25,26
  • May 30, 31
  • June 20,21
  • July 25.26
  • August 22,23
  • September 26,27
  • October 17,18
More information is available here: Explore the Stars

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