Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A letter to President-elect Trump

In the spirit of working with the President-elect, some of my international friends and I have linked the following individuals to Trump's Chinese global warming conspiracy:

  • Englishman William Herschel, 
  • Frenchman Joseph Fourier, 
  • Anglo-Irishman John Tyndall, 
  • Swede Svante Arrhenius, 
  • Americans Andrew Douglass and E.O. Hulbert, 
  • Englishman Guy Callendar, and 
  • Canadian-American Gilbert Plass.

Though there are many more individuals to be outed, we stopped at those doing their work before Trump was old enough to find conspirators on his own. Writing in the now foreign language of fact and reason, my friends argue that climate science is a proud accomplishment of Western civilization:

I'm backing them with this illustration:

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