Monday, November 30, 2009

Phoebe ring, part 2

Second image in a set of illustrations I'm working on to make astronomy interesting to middle school students (and their parents), while connecting it to broader concepts (e.g., the rf spectrum and visible light's place within). (Part 1 illustrates the size and shape of the phoebe ring.)

I have two print references on the RF spectrum. One shows shorter wavelengths to the left; the other, to the right. I suspect Gamma-left/radio-right is the standard, but am curious to know if there is a standard.



jj said...

These are great illustrations. Hopefully, the kids appreciate them.

Alastair said...

IMHO blue is always shown to the left of red. But the IR spectrum can be shown with frequency increasing (from zero) left to right, which is confusing.

jg said...

Thank you, both, for your comments.

Larkin, the kids do appreciate the stuff I do as long as it's visual and under 1/2 hour.