Monday, January 10, 2011

Star Party 11 January 2011, Murrieta Library

The Murrieta Library is hosting a star party from 6-8 on Tues., January 11. The Temecula Valley Astronomers will be providing their telescopes to look through and a presentation.
Start time is 6:00 pm. An indoor presentation begins at 6:15 (Between 6:05-6:10 pm, the International Space Station will pass overhead). 

Weather permitting, Jupiter and the moon will be prominent in the evening. Uranus is also visible in a telescope along with many fine star clusters.

Update: As of 12:30, 1/11/11, the weather outlook is not promising. However, the star party will continue regardless of weather. Sometimes we get breaks in the clouds; sometimes a telescope will bring out the moon and Jupiter though light clouds obscure them, and there will be in indoor presentation for anyone making the trip.

Update (1/14): The Murrieta Patch covered the star party:


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