Saturday, March 12, 2011

Epica Vostok Viewer Update

Since having the honor of sharing my data viewer project on Skeptical Science, I've been working on a list of feature requests. I think I have most of the features requested in place and will improve their usability as I find time. I just added an important feature: the ability to flag specific data points for comparison.

For example, you can click the highest data points for CO2 levels and horizontal and vertical lines will mark the point in the same color as the graph that was clicked:

Then, if you rescale the x axis, say to zoom in on the Holocene, you can see the y values of the data points you flagged from 323 k and 414 k years ago:

As always, I continue to take requests for features. My next big change (I hope) will be allowing multiple views of the x-axis timeline, so you can directly compare the shape of graphs between different time periods. My data viewer is available here: Epica-Vostok viewer.


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