Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Public Star Parties for 2011

I'm involved in a variety of star parties this year that are open the public.

May 5: Dennis Mammana's Planetpalozza: This is held in Borrego Springs by astronomer and lecturer Dennis Mammana. There is a cost to admission which covers dinner, lecture, and observing from the late afternoon on May 5 to the early morning on May 6. See the link for information and to make reservations.

Explore the Stars: This is a monthly, free event sponsored by the Forest Service and held at Observatory Campground, near Palomar Observatory. Typically, the event is for people camping, but some people drive up the mountain for the evening. A presentation is at dusk in the amphitheater, followed by star gazing. See the link for directions and other information. The dates are as follows:
  • April 29, 30 (tentative, assuming the Campground is opened in time)
  • June 3, 4
  • June 24, 25
  • July 29, 30
  • August 26, 27
  • September 23, 24
  • October 28, 29


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