Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Electronic Billboards and New Lights

A study released last October demonstrates the effectiveness of digital billboards in gaining drivers' attention.

Driver attention study

Congratulations to the sign manufacturers and those who would deploy these animated, colorful signs. They've found away to engage a driver by triggering one's normal reflex toward motion or by creating something of interest that a driver will choose to observe for at least two seconds, a period recognized as a common rule of thumb for safe following distance between vehicles.

The study was conducted in Sweden. It examined only the attention of drivers and did not make any connections between the use of signs and accidents. Sweden, however, will not be using such signs and has removed those in place for the study.

Other lighting news: A rather efficient light bulb that continues to spray light in all directions (which can be quite inefficient in outdoor fixtures) is described here:


And last, a friend wrote a fine guide for assessing household energy use that I wish to post here for reference:



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