Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Message in a Bottle

Tiny actions we take affect other other creatures. I'm sure the person who discarded this bottle at a scenic location knew that when the glass breaks it would pose a safety hazard. This person probably knew that he or she was creating pointless litter in a scenic location that is enjoyed by many visitors. And the person probably knew, that eventually, someone would pick up the bottle. But I suspect the person did not know that before the bottle would be collected, it would trap and kill a couple dozen beetles.

I photographed the bottle because I found the number of dead beetles in it remarkable. I then shook out the contents before stowing it in my car, but as emptied it, I was surprised by how many dead beetles of all sizes continued to fall out. I regret that I didn't count them first, but I estimate two dozen beetles died in this bottle.

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