Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Star Party in Wildomar, May 3, Marna O'Brien Park

(Update: Wildomar Rap has written a summary of the event: Astronomy Night in Wildomar)

Saturday, May 3, at Marna O'Brien Park in Wildomar, the City of Wildomar will host a star party that is open to the general public. A presentation will begin shortly after sunset as soon as it's dark enough to see the view screen, and observing through telescopes will follow the presentation. The event ends at 10:00 pm. More details will be announced, specifically, whether there will be a free telescope raffle.

Stay tuned.

Sunpro solar will be sponsoring the telescope give-away. We'll be raffling 12 Galileoscopes, a educational telescope kit. The Galileoscope needs assembly and is a bare-bones workable scope. Most low-cost telescopes are unusable, but the Galileoscope avoids this trap by offering a simpler system. It's a good scope for child and a great educational project for a child and adult.

The event begins at 6:30 with a pizza sale fundraiser by Girl Scout Troop 1004. The fundraiser is not for the Girl Scouts, but for their community service project of buying a wheelchair swing for our park.


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