Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back to my roots

My initial fascination with science (not counting dinosaurs), began with the study of botony and my perceived need to be able to identify any species of tree while passing at 50 mph. However, identifying everything one may find while hiking is a lot more difficult. I've started collecting my plant photos in an interactive plant identification guide that will, if nothing else, help me to know when I've already photographed a specific species.

My plant identification guide can be viewed here:

One clicks a category or attribute on the left and the selections get narrowed down and results are displayed on the right.
I'll be improving the interface while continually adding images and new species. The main problem I need to fix first is the biome filters (chaparral, montane, riparian, etc.). I need to make these add each set they describe. Currently, if you click two biomes, my program removes all species except those I've tagged as being in both selected biomes. This is first on my list of enhancements.


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