Monday, September 20, 2010

Earth, Orbit, and Climate for Sierra Club, 23 Sept

Thurs, 23 Sept., 7:00 pm at the Rancho California Water District building in Temecula, Ca, I'll be presenting the latest version of my talk on Earth, Orbit and Climate. In Earth, Orbit, and Climate, I share what I've learned in the past few years about the astronomical foundation of climatology, and specifically, the roll of Earth's orbit in governing climate over millennial time scales. I also discuss greenhouse gases and Earth's carbon cycle.

I draw heavily on the following resources:
My revised presention will be online within the next few weeks (current version: Earth, Orbit and Climate). My new version will remove the section on the solar system, which was pretty weak (on my part; no reflection on my source). The most exciting change is that I've added a section on the Eemian interglacial in which I've used astronomical solutions, CO2 levels, and temperature data from the above references to illustrate the Milankovich theory of climate. Below is an illustration from the presentation.

Within a few weeks I hope to update the online version and provide elaboration here for the fun of sharing as well as exposing my work for educational criticism.


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