Monday, November 7, 2011

Californian cover recent star party

The Californian did a fine job covering a recent star party held by my astronomy club, The Temecula Valley Astronomers:

Students Look to the Stars

I differ with the reporter's estimate of 150 people attending. The 150 was based on the PTA's handing out of 150 glow sticks to children. Assuming a few students got more than one, and that the typical family was one or two children with at least one parent, I think 175 was a more likely number.

The following night, we held a star party for a scout troop, which brought in about 50 people.

And the following Tuesday we held another star party, which was attended by at least 100 persons -- this estimate based on the number or chairs set up and filled for the indoor part of the star party.

Then I should add that last weekend I assisted with the Forest Services Explore the Stars program. I guess we had 100 people.

I share these numbers as a reminder that many people enjoy the night sky and many will support policies that protect it.