Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our great landfill in the sky

I have two projects related to the atmosphere serving as a dump for our emissions. One, my usual topic, is about our CO2 emissions. For this, I've been working on some illustrations with the Skeptical Science team displayed in a post Talking Trash on Emissions by Andy Skuce and me:

These illustrations are based on a statistic by Professor Richard Alley that our emissions in CO2 are about 40 times the weight of our household trash. Both illustrations are available in a large format in the Skeptical Science graphics resources.

The second landfill-in-the-sky topic came up when I learned my region was under a wood-burning restriction on New Years Eve and again on Saturday the 4th. I decided to look into the history of this restriction put in place by the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Primarily, I want to research the scientific support for such policies, which I'm doing. This project may take a few weeks.