Monday, April 15, 2013

Explore the Stars 2013, Palomar Observatory Campground

Every year I participate in the Explore the Stars program, an astronomy outreach event sponsored by the Cleveland National Forest. The event occurs one weekend each month from May to October. It includes a presentation (weather and insects permitting) and viewing through telescopes setup by amateur astronomers from southern California. Typical attendees are the campers at Palomar Observatory camp and neighboring campgrounds, but some people drive up for the evening without camping overnight.

The remaining events for this year are as follows:

May 3-4
June 7-8
July 12-13
August 9-10
September 6-7
October 4-5

More information is available here:
Explore the Stars


Corona Borealis (the arc of stars in the center of the photo)
rising portends the start of the summer observing season.